Thursday, April 22, 2010

Quick add multiple language to extjs + grails application

Recently we quick added multiple language to our application. To see demo, you can login @

1: In database, we create a table which hold on the setting for language.

2: In grail MainController file, add the following code:

* Copyright (c) 2005 - 2010 FeyaSoft Inc. All Rights Reserved.
import grails.converters.*

class MainController extends GeneralController {

def index = {
// get login user id
User loginUser = getLoginUser()
if (loginUser == null) {
def json = [failure : "true", errorInfo : "Please login before post"]
render json as JSON

def item = UserSetting.findByAuthor(loginUser);
def lang = 'en'
if (item) lang = item.language;

render(view: 'main', model: [lang: lang])

3: In main.gsp file, the following code are added, really simple:

<~g:javascript library="extjs/src/locale/ext-lang-${lang}" /~>
<~g:javascript library="feyaSoft/lang/${lang}" /~>
And you need create the related lang file now. For example, we have this lang file under my folder: web-app\js\feyaSoft\lang\en.js

* FeyaSoft Online MyActivity
* Copyright(c) 2006-2010, FeyaSoft Inc. All right reserved.

feyaSoft.lang = {

'accessories': 'Accessories',
'align': 'Align',
'average': 'Average',
'brush': 'Brush',
'calculate': 'Calculate',

4: Now you can use something like this in your JS file:

And you are on fly now.

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